In Business and Battle

Strategic Leadership in the Civilian and Military Spheres

Edited by Charles Style, Nicholas Beale and David Ellery

August 2012

216 x 138 mm

156 pages


ISBN 978-1-4094-3377-4


In Business and Battle’ represents the interaction between top strategic leadership in the commercial, civilian and military spheres. It is the fruit of the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS); a unique institution with an unrivalled international reputation for excellence in analysis and commentary on global strategic issues, underpinned by the extensive personal experience and expertise of senior personnel from around the world preparing for the highest responsibilities in their respective spheres – all members of its annual programme. The stimulus for this book was the 2009 programme – a top-vintage cohort, representing some fifty countries, and who shared over a thousand years of experience in some of the most complex and demanding environments on earth.

  • Preface – David Ellery
  • Foreword – Sir John Parker
  • Part I Introduction and Setting the Context:
    • Introduction – Nicholas Beale
    • The current strategic environment – N. Stanley, Lord Cope, D. Di Carlo and N. Khokhar
  • Part II The View from Industry:
    • Perspectives on leadership and strategy – Ian Davis
    • Commercial top strategic leadership: a helicopter view – Lütz Bertling
  • Part III The Military Perspective:
    • The uniqueness of top strategic leadership – R. Knighton, S. Akulov and K. Engelbreksten
    • The characteristics of effective top strategic leaders – R. Rider, D. Di Carlo, P. Nazim and X. Tshofela
    • Defining the context: top strategic leadership in multinational and multilateral context – R. Toomey, K. Engelbreksten, P. Phelan, P. Rutherford and S. Storrie
    • Decision making in the strategic environment – R. Knighton, HRH Prince Sultan bin Khalid al-Saud, N. Khokhar and X. Tshofela
    • Developing the talent: spotting and nurturing future top strategic leaders – P. Buxton, S. Akulov, K. Engelbreksten, J. Free and P. Nazim
  • Part IV: 'Golden Thread' and Unifying Themes:
    • Conclusion – Charles Style
    • Afterword – Lord Patten
    • Index