International Launch: Beijing, London, Washington DC

Thursday 27 September



In Business and Battle: Strategic Leadership in the Civilian and Military Spheres, co-edited by Charles Style, Nicholas Beale and David Ellery, was launched simultaneously in London, Washington DC and Beijing on 27 September, believed to be the first book to have been launched in this way. It is the first modern book to look at strategic leadership in both the commercial and military contexts.

Speaking at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, and by video link to audiences at the Heritage Foundation in Washington and the British Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing, Lord Robertson, former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary-General of NATO from 1999–2004, described the book as remarkable and important, in that it connects the leadership skills required for an army to those required to run a company, and shows how vital these skills are to success:

‘This book is remarkable in that it marries, in readable, understandable and jargon-free terms, the approaches of both military and business professionals and draws conclusions which are common sense yet regularly ignored. It has salutary lessons for those who run armies and those who run companies and even countries – and in both areas leadership is not just desirable, it is absolutely essential . . . This book is important. My advice is this: don’t ignore it.’

– Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

Lord Robertson isn’t the only leader to recognise the wealth of knowledge in this book. The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH says, ”There has never been a better time for the publication of this book. All current and aspiring top strategic leaders should read it – whatever their field, whatever their experience and expertise. I commend it unreservedly and with enthusiasm”.

General Sir Rupert Smith comments: “I recommend this book to all who wish to understand what lies behind successful strategic leadership in any field of endeavour”.

And Andrew Hill (Financial Times) who also attended the launch explains: “Officers and business leaders who have contributed to In Business and Battle, a new book on the parallels, point out that modern military alliances have to be, if anything, more complex, more collaborative and more adaptable than many business combinations”.

British Ambassador's Residence, Beijing

Seaford House, London (image courtesy of the Royal College of Defence Studies)

The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC (image courtesy of the Heritage Foundation)